Thank you for checking out the  Battleaxe Warrior’s websiteWhat is a Battleaxe Warrior?  We are a world-wide community of like minded people sharing love for underground hip hop, tattoo culture, extreme sports and more.  It is artists and supporters together under one flag.  BaxWar is a way to meet people and make friends and is a platform for long time friends to strengthen their brotherhood.  BaxWar is meant for people that want to make a positive change, be the best they can be and want to help better their communities.
Battleaxe Warriors is not a gang, fanclub, money grab or stepping stone.

Members we support. (If your name is not on the list please contact us to be added)

Swollen Members, Madchild, Alpha Omega, Brothers Grimm, Neph, Adlib, Clever One, Ernie D,